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Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing Blog focuses on providing informative, relevant content ceneterd around online marketing including best practices, industry standards, and useful tips for branding, websites, email marketing, social media marketing, local listings, and more.

Dec 20,
How to Advance Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a Consumer
Support DEI with your Dollars
Oct 22,
10 Website Design Mistakes to Avoid and Save Yourself the Embarrassment
Every business should have a website, whether you’re a startup or a corporation that’s been in the industry for many years.
Jun 21,
How to Prepare Your Company to Transition into a Post-COVID19 Economy
Recovery planning involves how your business can endure hard times as well as flourish after the crisis.
Jun 04,
Offering Quality Web Solutions Paves a Way for Insercorp to Lead at GoodFirms
Insercorp partners with industry leaders to offer its clients custom, results-driven solutions.
Apr 25,
The Effects Of Changing Branding Without A Plan vs Properly Planning Brand Strategy
If your business is not going in the direction you want it to, rebranding could be a potential option.
Nov 02,
Top Expert Tips on Designing a  Stunning Brand Image
How do you define a brand? It’s true that most of us feel it boils down to the sheer visuals, such as logos and marketing materials. And those visuals do reinforce the brand.
Oct 08,
Franklin-based web development business continues to grow
Tim Bradshaw started his web development business without any loans, financing, investment capital or a website.
Jul 11,
Why Wix, Weebly, and WordPress are Wrecking the World Wide Web
Cheap Website Editing Platforms are making it easier for anyone to call themselves a “Web Developer” and Why it’s Bad for the Internet
Jan 15,
[INFOGRAPHIC] Domain Names And Branding - How To Get It Right
If brand names were not important, "Blackberry" might have been called "Strawberry".
Oct 25,
5 Reasons Your Websites Are Scaring Away Customers
You may not realize it, but your website could be scaring customers away!
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