Phishing Alert: "Important Information to all Contractors" from "Department of Transportation"
Sep 13,
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Phishing Alert:
If you received this email or one like it make sure you read this before you do anything else!

An email made it past my Gsuite spam filters and into my priority inbox this morning with the title "Important Information to all Contractors" from "Department of Transportation".  At first glance, this email looked entirely legit.  It even included the U.S. Department of Transportation seal and a message appearing to be sent by DOT's CIO.  I almost exposed my network to a malicious attack today but using a trained mind I was able to spot the red flags to avoid a HUGE mistake.

After quickly reading through the email and prioritizing it for later, I put it away.  Later in the day I came back to it and studied it further.  Before clicking any of the links or downloading the attachments, I started to notice some red flags.



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