Modern Oil Corp.
Business (Franklin, VA)

Modern Oil Corp. offers a full line of petroleum products to our customers. Their HVAC division offers installation, repair, and maintenance services for residential and commercial customers.  As a Class A contractor, the HVAC Division is staffed with technicians licensed to perform mechanical and electrical services in Franklin, Suffolk, Southampton, Isle of Wight, Sussex, Surry, and surrounding areas.

June 29, 2010

Dear Tim:

Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new website. You and your co-workers have done an outstanding job. From the very first day until the day it was finished it has been a very pleasant experience. Everyone has been very friendly and professional. You and your staff took the time to listen to us to explain what we wanted, and came up with ways to get across what we wanted our customers to know about us.

When our President came up with the idea of a new web site, I was not looking forward to doing this.  I knew this was going to be more than I could handle. You and your team were the answer for me.  You made it very easy and it was a rewarding experience for me. You have taken the time to explain things to us and to show us how we could get the most out of the site. From the design to the wording, pictures and other information you gave to us.

The training session you gave was us on how to manage the site and to make changes on it was very good and easy to follow. Thank you for being so patient with us during that time.

Again, thank you for the outstanding job your company has done for us and I would highly recommend you to anyone.


Bernard Rook, Operations Manager, S.W. Rawls, Inc.