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My Intern Experience
Jan 04,
My Intern Experience
Hello, my name is Daniel Lowdermilk and I’m a Winter 2016 intern here at Insercorp. I am currently a Senior studying Computer Science and Cyber Security at Longwood University.

Since starting Computer Science, I have been very unsure about what direction I wanted to take it in so I’ve been exploring every avenue in the field to try and find the path that is right for me; this internship being my first out of classroom programming experience.

How I learned about the Internship Opportunity

I learned about this internship from a friend I randomly saw while on break from school. I mentioned to him what I was studying in school and that I needed to find an internship that exceeded what I was learning in the classroom. He told me about a place in Franklin that he had recently worked at that built custom websites from the ground up. For me this was perfect since I thought it was going to be nearly impossible to find somewhere to satisfy the internship requirement my major has without having to travel.

What I’ve accomplished

While being here from 12/12 to 12/30 most of my time and effort has gone into creating the website. I put in place the majority of the content and structure of the website. Specifically, the structure / formatting of all the content blocks, placing all images, the majority of buttons minus the pdf buttons, all links, the navigation
bar, the information in the form / partially its structure, the ability of the form to log information, content responsiveness, and the manipulation of the scrollbar.

What accomplishing this took

When starting development of this website, I had only taken one web development course at school making the start of this a big learning curve. I had to use many languages / styling tools that I had little to no experience with such as
jQuery, ajax, and materialize. Thankfully, Ben here at Insercorp, was a big help when trying to get a handle on these for the first time. I feel like since this project is now mostly concluded, my skills with each of these as well as PHP, html, and Javascript has risen tremendously.

What I’ve learned

The main things I’ve learned from this intern opportunity is not only the coding skills I’ve gained but the insight of what it means to code as a profession. Getting a good in-depth understanding of what it means to do this for a living is huge for me since I’m still trying to decide what I want to do with my degree. My main takeaway from coding as a profession is that it can be really frustrating when starting off and trying to learn new things when working around deadlines but gets really fun and exciting when you develop the skills to confidently handle the tasks you receive.

Along with the raw knowledge of new functions and syntax, I have also increased my productivity when coding for long periods of time. I often had problems being productive when working on one project for extensive amounts of time especially if I started running into difficulties. This project has pushed me to be as productive as possible even through times of difficulty to do my best to meet deadlines.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this internship has given me invaluable experience that I felt was lacking in a classroom setting. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone here at Insercorp and am glad to have been given the opportunity to work here.



Daniel Lowdermilk
Hello, my name is Daniel Lowdermilk and I'm a Winter 2016 intern here at Insercorp. I am currently a Senior studying Computer Science and Cyber Security at Longwood University.
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