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Insercorp has continuously refined its website development process over the past decade, providing for a streamlined method of working with our clients to provide high quality, custom tailored websites and applications. 

Website Development Process

With a traditional waterfall method at the core, the Insercorp process is centered around understanding the purpose of each of our clients' websites and keeping our clients involved in the process. For our Web Application and Software Development process we use an Agile development approach, which you can learn more about here.

From concept to creation, our team is here for you.

Phase 1: Discovery

Our discovery process begins with an extensive evaluation based on an interview and research, conducted during a Project Scoping meeting. The Project Scoping meeting entails development of a Site Map, detailing project requirements, and working with you to establish design and layout parameters. After the initial Project Scoping meeting we will provide you with a draft Site Map for approval or revisions and proceed to begin the Proofing stage of our process while continuing to meet with you to coordinate and organize the collection of content and material for the website.

Phase 2: Proofing

The proofing process allows us to ensure optimal client satisfaction. Our design team will fully design a rendering of what the homepage of the website will look like after gathering materials including logos, establishing a site map, photos, colors, and other information. Once the first proof is completed it is delivered electronically for your approval or feedback. If revisions are requested those revisions are made and the proof is resent. The Project Manager will hold conversations with the client either in person, by phone, or via e-mail throughout the proofing process. If further tweaking of revisions is necessary they are made and delivered electronically. Once the client and Project Manager have both agreed on a final design the development process begins.

Additional proofs will be drafted for your approval for other landing pages (such as search engine results, department pages, etc.). Proofing of the additional landing pages will continue while the Development Stage has started.

Phase 3: Development

The development process is broken into three areas: database development, application integration, and front-end development.

The database is designed by our Database Architect and built on a development server which will serve as the project’s testbed until it is ready for launch.

The content management system and any additional modules or applications are then installed on the development website. Once the applications are connected with the database the frontend development begins.

Front-end development includes integrating the approved design into the content management system and any installed modules or applications. In order to ensure promptness in delivery the database is normally set up during the proofing process. Front-end development is further broken down into design integration and content integration.

Phase 4: Delivery

The final stage begins when the Project Manager has approved the project for preliminary delivery. The Project Manager will meet with you to conduct a final review of the website including layout, content, and application functionality. Any revisions will be documented and a final delivery will be presented where necessary. Once the website is ready for launch training will be conducted with the client on how to use the new system followed by the launch of the new website.

Phase 5: Evolve

Once the project has been delivered and the website is online, Insercorp will ensure that your website stays online and is safe from hackers and will continue to provide both technical support and customer support.  We also make sure your website adapts to the ever-changing technology sector by remaining compatible with different browsers, operating systems, and devices (including laptops/desktops, tablets and smart phones).  

Support for our Content Management System includes:

  • Training: Insercorp provides annual training for clients on location or remotely via Skype or other screen sharing services.
  • Technical Support: Any bugs, application errors, or technical errors will be resolved promptly at no additional cost to the client.
  • Product Support: Insercorp will continue to provide upgrades and maintenance to the content management system during the lifetime of the agreement.
  • Client Support: Insercorp staff is available from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday to provide phone support. Clients also have 24/7 access to our Trouble Ticket system to submit questions, requests, or report issues.

Support for our Web Hosting Services includes:

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