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A Revolution Conference Experience
Jun 09,
A Revolution Conference Experience
Hampton Roads’ two-day software development conference at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

RevConf is a 2-day software development conference organized by RevolutionVA. Lectures were held regarding a variety of topics, including CSS Design Tools, Learning By Doing, and Quantum Computing.

The lecture on Learning by Doing explained the benefits of gaining experience while learning. It taught that doing something perfectly the first time is not always important, and it leaves room for improvement.

The CSS design tools lecture introduced, explained, and demonstrated various tips, tricks, and tools used to improve webpage appearance. The tools can help make pages more useable to clients (such as ones who are color blind) and look, in general, more professional.

The Lecture on Quantum Processing discussed fairly new ideas and theories in the world of computer processors. The new “quantum processors” could reduce a list with thousands of entries to just a few select items in a fraction of a second, but that power comes with price tag magnitudes higher than the standard processors available today.

RevConf was an overall enjoyable experience, I learned many important skills, and some interesting knowledge, also that it is okay to fail in the beginning. I hope to be able to continue with Insercorp in the future, and to keep learning along the way.

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