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Website Launch: Horizon Health Services
Website Launch: Horizon Health Services
Insercorp takes New Website for Community Health Center Beyond the Horizon

Horizon Health Services (HHS) is a Community Health Center committed to enhancing the quality of life for the people of all ages in Sussex County, Surry County, Southampton County, and surrounding areas.

Living up to its commitments, in 2019 Horizon Health Services was recognized by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Health Center Program as a Health Center Quality Gold awardee and by the American Medical Association and American Heart Association Target: BP Gold recipient

In 2018 HHS selected Insercorp, based in Franklin, Virginia to redesign its website, previously built with GoDaddy Website Tonight.  The new website features a custom, mobile-responsive design and is built to modern web standards, serving to provide information to new and existing patients.  

A New Sight for a New Site

HHS’s mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, and affordable primary health care on a continuous basis to all individuals.  Insercorp worked with the staff of HHS to strengthen their mission by delivering an informational health care provider website.  With three Medical Centers and a Dental Center serving over 4,400 patients and supported by multiple providers and practitioners, HHS needed a more informative and professional solution than what their previous website built with GoDaddy Website Builder could offer.

Standards and compliance were also a top priority in re-designing their website considering HHS is a Health Center Program grantee and receives Department of Health and Human Services funding as well as having Federal Public Health Service (PHS) status regarding certain health or health-related claims.  As such, HHS reached out to Insercorp, a local digital marketing agency experienced in designing and developing both professional, HIPAA-compliant websites for health care providers and secure, standards and compliance driven websites for public sector entities. 

Horizon Health Services reached out to Insercorp for the design and development of their website, Originally built with GoDaddy Website Tonight, the previous website was lacking in functionality, content, and security.  Insercorp created the new website with a responsive website design, allowing the website to adjust to any device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Building Better Websites

In 2018 HHS selected Insercorp to design and development their new website. With an emphasis on accessibility and ease-of-use, the new website for the Health Center located in the westernmost region of Hampton Roads and throughout the eastern portion of the Virginia Gateway Region features a responsive website design which adjusts to any Internet accessible device including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

The clean, simple interface utilizes Horizon Health Services' colors and asserts its branding as a patient-centered health care provider with a friendly color scheme, intuitive navigation, and many features to enhance the user experience such as Text Resizing, Google Translate, and applied best practices in modern web design.

Insercorp focused the website development on four key benchmarks: Performance, especially considering the lack of availability of high speed internet in rural areas that HHS serves;  Accessibility, ensuring Section 508 Compliance for the Americans with Disabilities Act; Best Practices, implementing Insercorp’s proprietary security methods and techniques to keep visitors safe as they browse through the website; and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so new and existing patients can easily find the HHS locations and services they’re looking for.

Intuitive Website Management Software

The all new, launched in December 2019, was developed on iPlasmaCMS2 Web Content Management System, Insercorp’s proprietary web-based application which allows clients to easily manage their website content without technical skills or training.

The new website offers dynamic content through many of iPlasmaCMS2's modules and plugins.  Features such as the News Module, Slideshow, Events Calendar, and searchable Staff Directory allows HHS to utilize its new website to inform current and prospective patients about clinical services, announcements, upcoming events, and important dates.

The Locations Module provides contact information and location-specific news, events, staff listings, and other information.  The HHS Patient Portal can be easily accessed from any page on the website while downloadable forms allow patients to save time before they arrive for their appointments by filling the forms out ahead of time.

iPlasmaCMS2 is the perfect solution for a budget-conscious Health Center Program, allowing even the most non-technical website administrator to easily make changes and updates to any part of the website. 

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