Better Solutions for Biz: Firewatch Probe Widget
Better Solutions for Biz: Firewatch Probe Widget
Insercorp deploys new widget for Better Solutions for Biz's Firewatch1 Probe

Firewatch Probe Widget

Firewatch1 leverages recent advances in the Internet of Things (IOT) embedded electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to deploy a remote environmental hazardous monitoring solution for industry.

  • Data collected by environmental sensors is transmitted to the cloud for remote monitoring by smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.
  • Hazardous conditions detected by the sensors trigger an on-board siren and red-flashing strobe light to provide warning to occupants in the vicinity, while SMS notifications are pushed to users monitoring the situation remotely to take corrective action.
  • Firwatch1's portability to unmonitored locations is the key capability of the product.

The Insercorp Development Team designed and developed the Firewatch1 Probe Widget to allow Better Solutions for Biz, Inc. to display the information that the Firewatch1 collects on any website or web application. The widget displays IoT data in real time for the user to visualize data with programmable thresholds for the gauges and a toggle for the webcam. The widget can be integrated with a simple script into any website or app.