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Website Hosting Services Restored, Some Websites May be Experiencing Issues
On Sunday evening we had a failure in the data center due to a misconfiguration of the "parent server" which connects the web server your website was hosted on to the data center's network. We are still conducting an investigation into the steps that the data center took during the recovery process which resulted in the web server failing to respond to any commands after the data center's technicians caused catastrophic damage to our web server. As a result, the web server and its backup server were negatively affected. On Monday morning we implemented contingency Disaster Recovery and Response procedures which involved restoring the web server from a safe Disaster Recovery backup from July 5th, 2019. As a result, several hosted websites have lost at least 3 weeks of data. 
We are still attempting to work with the data center to recover the missing data however we made a decision to rebuild the web server and restore clients' websites to prevent further downtime. 
We are currently working with clients to ensure the websites are brought back online and working properly. We will be issuing credits to extend subscriptions for all accounts in good standing after all services have been fully restored.
At this time we do not have any reason to believe that there was any foul play or malicious actions taken by outside parties. We are currently investigating the response made by the Data Center which resulted in the catastrophic failure of the production web server that your website was hosted on. We will be sending out an additional eblast and posting the notice on our website at once all services have been restored.
We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding during the recovery process. We truly appreciate and value your business and we are implementing additional preventative measures to safeguard your data in the future.
For questions or concerns please contact [email protected] or .
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