HRPDC Releases New Regional Banner Widget for Hampton Roads Regional Websites
HRPDC Releases New Regional Banner Widget for Hampton Roads Regional Websites
Insercorp has developed a "Hampton Roads Regional Banner" to make it easier for citizens and stakeholders to navigate through regional websites.

Insercorp has created a widget which allows Website Administrators to add a Regional Banner for the Hampton Roads region to their website. The Regional Banner allows website visitors to easily navigate between regional agencies and organizations as well as local government websites throughout Hampton Roads.  Optional features including Google Translate, Text Resizing, and the Bookmark component provide citizen-centric tools for improved browsing experiences.  The Regional Banner is mobile responsive and adapts to the display size of any Internet ready device from desktop/laptop computers to tablets and smartphones.

Regional Websites Menu"Regional Websites" Menu

Local Government Menu

"Local Governments" Menu 

In addition to the Regional Website and Local Government Website menus additional features include:


  • Translate: Users can translate websites with the Regional Banner into any language supported by Google Translate. 
  • Text Resize: The Text Resizing tool allows users to change the base font size for the website with options for “Small”, “Normal”, and “Large” font sizes. 
  • Bookmark: The Bookmark tool makes it easy for users to add the current page to their browser’s “Favorites” or “Bookmarks”.

The Insercorp Development Team designed and developed the Regional Banner to allow easy access to websites for Regional agencies and organizations as well as Local Governments within the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

The Regional Banner is currently in place and can be viewed on several Hampton Roads government websites including,,,,, and

Webmasters who would like to add the Regional Banner to their own website can use the widget creation tool that Insercorp developed for HRPDC to generate their own custom Regional Banner widget.

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