Mahone's Tavern and Museum
Non-Profit (Southampton County, VA)

Constructed in 1796 using "heart" pine wooden dowels and hand-forged nails, Mahone's Tavern and Museum, is one of the oldest houses in Southampton County. Although during the 20th century, Mahone's Tavern made the transition from tavern to private residence, it's longstanding historical significance rivals that of many historical sites in Virginia.

Mahone's Tavern and Museum's historical, architectural, and archaeological recognition has earned it a place on the Virginia Landmarks Register. For all the history "buffs" who love to learn the history of the great state of Virginia and it's role in the Civil War , Mahone's Tavern is also listed as a designated site on the Virginia Civil War Trails Program. Mahone's Tavern and Museum has also been accepted into the National Register of Historic Places.

The launch of the new Mahone’s Tavern & Museum, Inc. website is the result of a process that started several months ago. After doing some research, the Tavern board of directors asked Insercorp to assist us in the development of the site. The Tavern’s new website is a more interactive site and will better serve the Tavern and its visitors. As a result of Insercorp’s innovation, creativity and expertise the new site truly depicts the vision and mission of the Tavern’s board and provides significant historical information that will be a wonderful resource for teachers, researchers, history buffs and casual visitors.

The Insercorp staff is not only extremely knowledgeable regarding website development, but it is also patient, understanding and supportive during the entire process.

As visitors to will readily see, Insercorp has delivered a high quality product that is an attractive, state of the art, useful and easy to navigate website.

Earl Blythe, Board of Directors, Mahone's Tavern and Museum, Inc.
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