The Children's Center
Education (Western Tidewater)

The Children’s Center originated in 1983, providing speech, physical, and occupational therapy to developmentally delayed children under the age of three.

Located in Western Tidewater, they serve children of all levels of ability including children with disabilities. They celebrate diversity and regard the family as the best teacher and decision maker for children. (2018)
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Insercorp has been providing The Children’s Center with its website services since 2012. The Children’s Center reached out to Insercorp looking for a website re-design that would update and improve the look/layout of their website, It was Insercorp’s goal to provide them with an aesthetically pleasing, revamped website that better reflects the expansion and growth of the agency itself as well as the several programs that they offer.

The new provides an interactive layout where users can navigate through pages and can find vast information about the agency, programs, locations, requirements, and more. also features online registration for parents to conveniently register their child/children for specific programs. The website has vivid imagery of each Center’s location, activities with the children, programs, and staff. continues to be powered and managed by Insercorp's proprietary website content management system, iPlasmaCMS2, providing the latest features and allowing for a user friendly experience for any website administrator.

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