Better Solutions for Biz, Inc.
Business (Hampton Roads, VA)

Better Solutions for Biz, Inc. is a process technology consulting company located in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia that targets all facets of business operations to improve performance and efficiency.
iPlasmaCMS2 Website Responsive Design and Development

Better Solutions understands the constant demand to use and deploy technology to increase sales and productivity in a globally competitive market. This consulting startup needed a professional, informative website to expand the reach of their clientele by opening the door for new business opportunities while also continuing education and communication with their existing clients.

Better Solutions chose Insercorp to provide a custom tailored solution to meet their needs. was built using Insercorp’s proprietary content management system, iPlasmaCMS2, which was designed for even the most non-technical website administrator to easily make updates to their website without the hassle of having to learn HTML or other web languages.

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