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How to Create a Great Brand Experience Through Custom Packaging
Jun 22,
How to Create a Great Brand Experience Through Custom Packaging
First impressions matter. And when it comes to selling a product, it matters a whole lot more.

That first impression can decide whether you’ll be able to convert a potential customer into an actual buyer.

Some research suggests that it only takes one-tenth of a second to form an opinion on someone or something. Depending on which study you look at, a first impression is formed between 7 to 15 seconds of meeting someone or encountering something new. 

Companies can use this information to create a great brand experience through custom packaging. 

Put a Premium On Packaging

The packaging on your product is usually the first touchpoint potential customers will have with your brand. Its purpose is three-fold:

  1. To set the stage for your customer’s experience

  2. Help convince the customer to buy the product

  3. Reaffirm the reasons why they chose to purchase from you in the first place

Like most entrepreneurs, you’re probably putting in plenty of time and resources into creating a frictionless user experience on your website.

Think about it.

If you can put effort into delivering a user-friendly website, then you can no doubt come up with product packaging that will wow visitors to your online e-commerce shop or actual store. 

To do that, you need to get custom packaging done. And it should be something that reflects your brand.

Designing Quality Packaging

There are few things to take note of when it comes to designing great packaging for a product. 

Make It Serve a Purpose

First and foremost, form should follow function. Your packaging needs to look pretty and keep the product inside safe and secure. It also needs to align with the aesthetic style of your brand. So put extra care into coming up with a design that caters to all of these three requirements.

Say you have an online shop and a physical store. Your goal should then be to design packaging that draws attention when displayed on a shelf. The box you use should also be stackable to make shipping easier. Lastly, it should be made from sturdy material, so the product inside is protected during transport and distribution.

Opt for Clarity and Simplicity

In addition to being functional and visually pleasing, your product packaging should effectively convey what the product is about. So make sure that all the necessary information (e.g., product name, usage, quantity, and expiration date) is printed clearly on the paper or box.

Add Your Brand to It

After deciding on the type of packaging to use, it’s time to start getting branding involved. Refer to the branding guidelines outlined in your style guide to ensure that the packaging is consistent with your brand’s image. 

Consider the individual details of your logo. Look at the color as well as the shape. This should give you a good idea of the best method for adding it to the box. Should you hot stamp it, or is embossing the best way to go? 

Lastly, make sure to check the legal requirements for packaging in the markets you’re selling to. Bear in mind that different countries have different regulations around how you’re legally allowed to produce, package, and ship out products, so make sure you comply with these regional laws.

So what else do you need to do to deliver on that personalized brand experience through packaging?

Photo by Vitor Santos from Unsplash

Photo by Vitor Santos from Unsplash

Using Custom Packaging to Strengthen Your Brand

As mentioned earlier, product packaging can set the stage for customer experience. Needless to say, you want that experience to be a good one. To make that happen, it’s essential to go the extra mile while making sure your branding is spot on.

Craft packaging that spells out “great value for the money” (figuratively, of course). How? By giving customers a little more than what they’re expecting. 

A handwritten thank-you note, a card explaining your commitment to sustainability, a bunch of cute stickers, or even just wrapping your gift in scented, branded tissue paper. These are just some examples of little details that customers won’t expect but will appreciate.

Best of all, each one constitutes a way for you to reinforce recall for your brand. Adding your logo and your unique selling point (USP) allows your brand to “stick” in the minds of consumers. High-quality product packaging can also be a selling point that you list in your product descriptions.

Wrapping It Up

The slightest nuance can either convert a customer or send them buying from someone else. This is true regardless of what you sell and where you sell it. That is why you need to ensure your brand and products make a positive first impression.

Custom packaging that’s well thought out and made from quality materials is essential. It can be that little piece of added value that will get you more customers and keep them coming back for more.

Disclaimer: The opinion of Insercorp Water Cooler Bloggers are of their own and do not reflect the official position(s) of Insercorp LTD


Kayla Bennett
Guest Blogger
Content Relations Manager and Creative at Packlane
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