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Tagged in:phishingscams
It's a Trap! Website Quote Request Scam for
May 19,
We recently received a website quote request from a Mr. Perez about a Clothing Company. We knew something wasn't right, but a scam like this might actually work on the unsuspecting victim.
My Intern Experience
Jan 04,
Hello, my name is Daniel Lowdermilk and I’m a Winter 2016 intern here at Insercorp. I am currently a Senior studying Computer Science and Cyber Security at Longwood University.
First and Last Note from the Desk of the Web Intern
Aug 01,
Hello, readers of this awesome blog, my name is Chelsea. I am/was this summer’s intern. I’m a rising second year at the University of Virginia. I am majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Studio Art, and have been interested in web design for about ten years now.
5 Tips for Safe Social Networking
Dec 27,
How to Avoid Scams and Maintain Your Online Reputation
Facebook for Business
Jul 11,
What's Appropriate?
Beware of Chinese Domain Scams
Dec 09,
Don't Let Yourself Be Victimized!
5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Effective
Nov 24,
So you have a great looking website but you are looking for ideas to generate more traffic? I've decided to share with you five easy ways to make your website more effective, to not only increase traffic but retain traffic.
Back to the Basics: Why Customer Service Matters Most
Sep 01,
There have been a lot of changes with recent advances in technology in the way we do business. With new methods of reaching out to your target audience like websites, online advertising, and social media it’s easy to get caught up in the hottest new trends.
Five Ways to Succeed in a Struggling Economy
Jun 09,
I started and grew my business during the recession and decided to write about it. These are important practices that have helped me not only stay in business but grow my business over the past three years which I feel are important to share.
Why Does My Business Need a Website?
Dec 23,
This is a discussion about the reasons and cost justifications of having a presence on the Internet.
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